Shipping Terms


Our items are perishable and fragile. We freeze and pack them securely, allowing for the best freshness with overnight and two day delivery. Some packages also include a frozen cold pack for added longevity. Items are, in general, double box packed with plastic shrink wrap and insulation for freshness and stability during transit. Most items arrive just as they were sent, without issue. However…


If something happens to your product in transit, we are sorry. The shipping companies do not have the best protocols for fragile food items.  Kyra’s Bake Shop (KBS) is not responsible for the packages during transit. If the package is damaged or crushed in transit, the customer must accept that the items will not be replaced without reordering at full price. There are numerous reasons why a product may arrive damaged, broken, or otherwise inedible. Returns are not possible because we do not restock perishable goods. Both the ingredients to make the product and the cost to ship them are ‘sunk costs’ that will never be recovered.

If a customer orders from us, they acknowledge that KBS’ products can be fragile in a shipping environment, and that KBS is only shipping these items because our customers demand it. If items do arrive crumbled or broken, rest assured, they will be even more broken once they are in your tummy! KBS is not, which sets a very high standard for returns in the shipping industry. KBS is a small business. Please understand that while technology has allowed us to have a very nice website and shipping system, it does not translate into having the ability to replace items that are already fragile prior to being requested for shipping.


When choosing a delivery address for your order, it is strongly recommended you only use a delivery address where someone can sign for your package at the time of delivery. This affirms that your edible goods will not be left in the sun to melt, or be stolen while unattended! If a package is lost after delivery is confirmed by the shipping company, KBS is not accountable for the loss. If sending your package to a college dorm or apartment complex, make sure there is a front desk or secure location that can hold the package until the owner arrives. This does happen, strangers do steal our products after delivery.


Orders processed near a holiday of any kind may experience delays that are out of our control. This is also the case with weather. To avoid this issue, we recommend ordering 1 to 2 weeks in advance during the holiday season, then freezing your items for later. All the items we ship freeze really well and retain their freshness for up to 2 months or more.  In fact, many items can last for 6 months or more with little loss in quality. This is up to the customer.

The Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays are especially bad due to the high volume of shipped goods across the country. You might pay for overnight delivery, which may turn into a 3 or 4 day delivery. Generally speaking, food products delayed for up to 3-4 days of total delivery time should still arrive edible. That said, the customer assumes all risk in eating any products shipped by Kyra’s Bake Shop that are delayed in transit by a third party parcel service. Kyra’s Bake Shop assumes no liability for its products that are under the care of third parties after leaving our store. Most products will be just fine, but those delivered to warmer climates may be exposed to high temperatures for extended periods of time if left to sit out. Again, to avoid possible delays, order your products early, and have them frozen until ready to be eaten.


Items that are available to ship are chosen for their ability to stay delicious and intact during shipping, please do not request anything else for shipping as we are strict about this policy. For example, we are known for our gourmet cupcakes. However, in order to ship such a fragile cake item, large amounts of expensive packaging is required. It would more than double the cost of each dozen and most customers are not willing to pay for this. Other companies do attempt to send fully iced cupcakes, but they also charge more for that privilege. We at Kyra’s would rather reach more people at a great value, than only serve those who are willing to pay for excessive packaging costs. Thank you for your understanding on this issue. We are a full service bakery and hope to continue to add more items as the years go by.