Kid Friendly Cupcake Assortment Dozen

No spice, coffee, alcohol, or other adult fun.


No special dietary requests (e.g. DF, nut free, vegan) are possible with the kid’s assortment because we are using various extra batters from the day. This means you may get flavors┬áthat don’t exist in our normal rotation. This dozen is also a better value because many of the cupcakes will be filled or of a higher value for the price. This is a custom order, items can not be exchanged for other cupcakes at pick up. (The image is of a random assortment, yours will be different each time you order.)

Custom Order Calendar Form

  • We ask that you choose a time between 11 am to 4 pm to pick up your order. If you need to, order one day early, freeze product overnight and allow 6 hours to thaw. Everything is made fresh and we appreciate having that early morning time to bake all our tasty treats!
  • 4 day notice required for all custom orders