Order Policies


If you discover that you need a cake on short notice, we generally have a variety of 6” shop cakes in the pastry case every day. However, if you would rather have something more customized, pre-orders are your best bet. When placing a pre-order, we require a minimum of at least four (4) days notice. Our cake menu is online as well as in the shop and we suggest that you come in or call in order to create your perfect cake. We recommend placing an order as soon as you find out that you need one – that way you can avoid potential availability issues!

Kyra’s Bake Shop is only able to take a certain number of custom orders for any given week. In order to give the proper amount of attention to every order we take, we sometimes have to decline other orders. 

Pre-Order Cancellation Policy

When completing a pre-order, full payment is due at that time. If, however, changes need to be made or an order needs to be cancelled, please notify us immediately. We will provide a full refund of the order if cancelled one week or more before the due date. If the order is cancelled fewer than four days before the pick-up date, we will provide a 50% refund. By placing an order with us, you agree to this policy.

Wedding Orders

When placing a wedding order, we immediately require a 50% non-refundable deposit. This guarantees that your date and order are secured. The final payment is due two weeks before the pick-up date. Your cake will not be made unless the charges are paid in full. If you do not pay the balance 14 days before your event, you will be charged a $25 late fee each day past the deadline. Any cake balance that remains unpaid 7 days prior to the event will be cancelled without refund.

Changes to your order (quantity, size, description, flavor, etc.,) will be accepted up to two weeks prior to the event date. Charges may apply.

We are not currently using fondant or crafting shaped cakes. All cakes are slightly customizable for wedding orders with extra charges applicable depending on the customization.

Kyra’s Bake Shop is not responsible for the condition of the products following delivery/set-up at an outdoor venue/event. Damages to our cakes and pastries due to effects of outdoor weather conditions, tables on un-level ground, undesirable atmospheric items, and anything else beyond our control does not fall under our responsibilities. By placing an order with us, you acknowledge that products such as icing, frosting, filling, cake decorations, etc., may not hold up and cannot be insured past satisfactory delivery and/or set-up. In the case of unavoidable occurrence, such as extreme weather conditions or a car accident, Kyra’s Bake Shop cannot be held liable for more than the cost of the cake as described in your order.

Delivery charges for any wedding orders are based upon mileage from Kyra’s Bake Shop, the day of the week, and the time of delivery. We only deliver within 20 miles. 

All cake stands and rented equipment must be returned to Kyra’s Bake Shop no later than 5 days after your event. Late or damaged pieces will result in charges for replacement. Please wipe down all noticeable food, frosting, and/or foreign material off the rented equipment or sets, but do not put in the dishwasher.

After your cake, cupcakes, etc., have been approved at pick-up, there will be no refunds regarding design. The customer will be liable for any damage done to the cake after pick-up. If damage has been done to the cake after pick-up and is in need of repair, we will fix it to the best of our ability for a minimum of a $15 charge.

A copy of the order contract is placed on the back of every wedding order form and needs to be read and signed in order to confirm the order.