*dairy free

**can be dairy free

***vegan/can be


Base Cost: 6” $45 / 8” $65 / 10” $110

*most decorations are an additional cost*


Vanilla** Chocolate*/***

Champagne*  +$7 Lemon*  +$3

Carrot*  +$5 Red Velvet  +$5

Cinnamon**  +$3 Coconut*  +$3

Chocolate Chip*  +$5 Vanilla Confetti**  +$3

FROSTING FLAVORS (add $1 per cake size increase):

Vanilla**/*** Chocolate**/***

Lemon**  +$3 Strawberry**  +$4

Cinnamon**  +$3 Cream Cheese  +$5

Salted Caramel  +$5 Raspberry**  +$4

Peanut Butter*** +$3 Espresso**/***  +$3

Hazelnut**  +$5 Peppermint***  +$4

FILLING OPTIONS (add $1 per cake size increase):

Raspberry jam*  +$3 Strawberry jam*  +$3

Marionberry jam* +$3 Lemon curd  +$5

Salted caramel sauce  +$4 Chocolate ganache***  +$3 (per layer)

Cookie crumbles**/*** +$5

We require a minimum of at least four (4) days notice. Custom cake orders are not available to order online. To place a custom order, please call or email us. Kyra’s Bake Shop is only able to take a certain number of pre-orders for any given week, so we recommend placing your order as soon as possible to avoid availability issues.

Full payment is due upon completing a pre-order. If changes need to be made or an order needs to be cancelled, notify us immediately. We will provide a full refund of the order if cancelled four days or more before the due date. If the order is cancelled fewer than four days before the pick-up date, we will provide a 50% refund. By placing an order with us, you agree to this policy.