Time to start placing those Christmas orders…

Its time to start placing Christmas orders! Place your orders for our Buche de Noel, Brie en Croute, or Pumpkin, Pecan and Apple Cranberry Pies by December 14th and receive a 20% discount on those items! Other pre order items include frozen or fresh Cinnamon Rolls in packs of 6 or 12, Garlic Knots and DF Dinner Rolls in bags of 6 or 12, bags of Bread Crumbs, Cupcakes by the 6 per flavor, decorated Gingerbread Men by the 6, and 1 dozen Bakers Assortment Cookies. The last day to place any Christmas orders is December 17th!

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5 comments on “Time to start placing those Christmas orders…
  1. jamie hickman says:

    I have been gluten free for 8 years. I used to be a big baker but gave it up because nothing compared to old recipes. When I saw u on cupcake competition I was so excited. I will be ordering some of your treats! Thank you for sharing your gift! Jamie

  2. Arlene law says:

    My daughter just moved to Portland and works at Razorfish. Her birthday is Dec 20. I would like to deliver her some cupcakes. Yours are the best. Tell me the best way to proceed. Thanks.

  3. Peter Robe says:

    Just lovely! We ordered pies and Brie en Croute for Thanksgiving and everyone totally loved them. Just got eaten up. What a great bakery – for everyone!

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