Thanksgiving Pre Order Specials!

As you all know Thanksgiving is quickly approaching! We’ve got lots of fun specials planned. Including Ready to bake FROZEN Cinnamon Rolls sold in packs of 6 and 12 (cream cheese frosting included of course!). When you think of Thanksgiving you think of pie, so make sure you pre order your Pumpkin, Pecan, and Apple Cranberry Pies. When you place your pie order before November 13th you receive a 20% discount. Other items include bags of our Dairy Free Dinner Rolls, Garlic knots in bags of 6 or 12. You know you need stuffing so look no further for your bags of Bread Crumbs sold in 1 1/2 pound bags. Brie En Croute is another great treat, an 8oz wheel of brie topped with cranberry orange compote and wrapped in pie crust! Again order before November 13th to get your 20% discount on the Brie and Pies!

To bake in the comfort of your own oven!

To bake in the comfort of your own oven!

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