If you don’t live close to Kyra’s Bake Shop, we offer a wide variety of products available for shipping. Shipping orders are made in a minimum of 1 dozen per item. Part of the reason is that it is the same price to overnight 1 pastry as it is to send a full dozen, so at least you get more for the same cost this way. We ship all of our treats overnight so they arrive at your door tasting as fresh as possible! Shipping charges are based on overnight delivery anywhere in the USA. Dry mixes ship for less, as they do not require overnight and should arrive in 3-5 business days.


* We apologize for our temporary down time, this is not a technical issue, but a shipping company pricing issue. We should be back up very soon.**

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PLEASE enter your email on the order so we can send you shipping/tracking information.

A new online experience is coming in mid 2014, showing our commitment to enhancing the customer experience.


We process and ship orders Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday each week,  regardless of when the order is placed. Due to the perishable nature of the product, we cannot ship over weekends, as packages are often delayed. Shipping Orders should be placed at least 7 days before you want them to arrive. During holidays (including Valentines’ Day, Christmas, etc.) we would suggest ordering a minimum of 2-3 weeks in advance and freezing your items once they arrive. They stay fresh for months this way and can be set out a few hours before they are needed. We are not responsible for special dates missed when holiday volumes slow down the shipping system. Under these circumstances, overnight shipping turns into 4-5 day shipping. Once the item leaves our store, we are not accountable. Contact the shipping company with any issues such as damages to the item or lost items. They typically do reimburse you for the loss.