Rustic Chic Wedding

One of my favorite parts of my job is being making wedding cakes/desserts. The excitement and love is contagious! It’s all about next steps and adventure and new beginnings. What’s not to adore?
With every event we cater, we strive to make delicious and beautiful desserts.


We aren’t always in charge of the set up and decorations and we rarely remember to bring our good camera, but this weekend everything aligned perfectly.



This past weekend we made desserts for a rustic-chic wedding and I think the pictures turned out very well (taken by the husband of our own cake decorator Jackie Eizik. Thanks Martin!).





I’m realizing too, that a really good photo, like a delicious gluten-free pastry, is as much about what you leave OUT of the composition as it is about what you do include.






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One comment on “Rustic Chic Wedding
  1. Mary says:


    These pictures are great! Thank you so much for working hard for our wedding! Everything was Stunning. Our wedding cake was the best we ever had! Your shop was an amazing find. Again, thank you!

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