What People Are Saying About Us

“I think you guys are magical gluten-free elves…You CAN’T EVEN TELL these are gluten-free!” - Candace Nelson (Judge on “Cupcake Wars” )

“Best cupcakes ever!” - Jenn W.

“Wow! Those were out of this world. Yep, they’re all gone. Bob (Bob Moore, Founder of Bob’s Red Mill) loved the Chocolate Dipped Strawberry.” - Matt C.

“I’m not gluten-free, but Oh My God—those were the best cinnamon rolls I’ve ever had!” - Teri S.

“We just polished off 4 [regular-sized Chocolate Caramel Ecstasy] cupcakes between the two of us and its unanimous…These are the best cupcakes we have ever eaten!!! They are even better than the gluten free options at Babycakes in NYC. P.S. That caramel in the middle was killer!” - Nick B.

“Your cupcakes are great! I’m sure you hear this all the time, but I can’t believe they don’t have gluten. This morning I tried the cinnamon roll and I just about fell out of my chair! Miguel wasn’t awake yet so I went in and declared “dibs” on his cinnamon roll too since he can go have a regular gluten one and I can’t! I figure it is the perfect way to start my Monday morning. Nice work on that recipe.” - Lindsay L.

“We used Crave Bake Shop for our wedding cupcakes and they were fantastic! Our guests adored them, and none could tell that they were GF. The Hot Chocolate cupcakes flew off the cupcake stand so quickly because they were so good…I was very lucky to get the last one! Kyra was great to work with.” - Laurel R.

“I freaking LOVED LOVED LOVED the cake you made. Kyra, you made my day! Raising two kids with food allergies is such a challenge… They can never eat the same things all of their friends are eating. It breaks my heart that they always have to be the odd one out—but not today… Because of you—they got to be a normal kid just like everyone else. Everything was beautiful and tasted amazing— everyone was blown away that they were gluten-free. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart… You made our day ;) What you are doing is a wonderful thing and I wish you and your business the best!!” - Jen G.

“They were SO FLIPPING AWESOME! Ian says that the spicy hot chocolate was to die for. 24 cupcakes, 2 days. Enough said.” - Eric C.

“I just ate the Skinny Vanilla Latte and it was very, very good. The marshmallow was perfect. My co- worker had the PB Cup and said it was ridiculous, and that it tasted like regular food!!!” (Don’ t you just LOVE the gluten-free comments!?) - Brianne H.

“I had the Snickerdoodle cupcake yesterday and it was ridiculously delicious!” - Cheryl B.

“I’m sitting on the couch eating leftover cupcakes. That basil buttercream is so good, I couldn’t resist sending you another email. OMG. It’s so good. I swear I will leave you alone now.” - Becky G.

“This is one of the best cupcakes I’ve ever had…. Seriously, it’s gluten free? I never would have known!” - Francie S.

“The marshmallow creme on the Hot Chocolate cupcakes feels very luxurious.” - Elise M.

“I’m in love.” - Amy J.

“Best cake I’ve ever had!” - Lena G.