Menu for Thursday October 10th!

We will be having Cinnamon Rolls, Lemon Poppyseed Scones, Ginger Scones, BIG Pink Cookies, Coconut Cranberry Cookies, Turtle Bars, Vegan Everything Bagels, Vegan Plain Bagels and Vegan Cinnamon Currant Bagels! Our cupcakes will be B&W, DF Hot Chocolate, Milkshake, Birthday Cake, Fluffernutter, and Cupcake Wars Winning Chocolate Hazelnut! Make sure you stop in for some delicious treats!

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3 comments on “Menu for Thursday October 10th!
  1. Judy says:

    Do you feature any items that are dairy free? If so, could they be noted on your meny? I can’t do gluten – and am allergic to milk, too. Thanks!

    • admin says:

      Hi Judy,

      Yes we do at least 2 dairy free options in our shop every day. How you can distinguish if it is dairy free is the item will always say “DF” in the name of the treat! One dairy free option we do in our shop every day is our DF Hot Chocolate cupcake! Hope that helps!

      Have a sweet day!
      Kyra’s Bake Shop Team

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