Menu For Tuesday, Nov 19th!

Cinnamon Rolls, Orange Currant Scones, Cinnamon Scones, DF Peanut Butter Cookies, Rosemary Shortbread Cookies, Yeti Bars, Vegan Pretzel Rolls & our cupcake line up: B&W, DF Hot Chocolate, Chocolate Classic, Birthday Cake, Chocolate Lollipop & our new CUPCAKE WARS WINNING Key Lime Pie Cupcake (available all week!)

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2 comments on “Menu For Tuesday, Nov 19th!
  1. Tamara Hammond says:

    We are soooooooo thrilled for your third win!!!!
    When Liz pulled it up on our DVR she screamed , “YAY mom!!!!! It’s our favorite lady!!!!”
    You pulled yourself back together after the butter creme incident with courage, determination, and style—FANTASTIC job!!!! Third win very well-deserved.
    Still looking forward to a future visit to Portland!
    Love and happy thoughts from across the continent,
    Tamara, Sarah Gayle, and Elizabeth (our family cupcake baker) Hammond
    From Thomson, Georgia

    • admin says:

      Thank you Hammond family for cheering us on! It was a tough battle but we were thrilled to show that gluten-free can be delicious! It just shows you what you can accomplish when you persevere.

      We look forward to meeting you when you come to Portland someday!


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