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We feature sandwiches, soups and salads that use house-made breads, salad dressings and sauces.

Cupcake Flavors:

We have vanilla and chocolate cupcakes every day. Plus, we have at least one of our Cupcake Wars Winning Flavors, and several other gourmet flavors. In total, we have around 6 flavors each day. We have unique and incredible gourmet flavors every day, often with fillings and toppings. We also offer custom orders from a large list of amazing flavors, which can be ordered on this website through the shop at the top right corner of the website. Go to custom orders, then pick what you want. The flavor schedule for the month is posted below, only for our cupcakes. The rest of the pastries we sell, as we are a full bakery, we tend to have daily. Our awesome cinnamon rolls we have daily. Our baked doughnuts we do on Saturdays and Sundays.

Weekly Cupcake Special Flavors

1/2-1/6 Boston Cream Pie
Coconut Kiss
1/7-1/13 Passion Berry
Coffee & Doughnuts
1/14-1/20 Kyramallow Fluff
Lavender Outrageous
1/21-1/27 Oregon Bounty
NY Cheesecake
1/4-1/10 Kyra’s Signature
DF Bunny Hop
1/11-1/17 Snickerdoodle
Spicy Peach Bellini
1/18-1/24 PB Kyrelli
1/25-1/31 Bubbie’s Honey Cake
Sesame Caramel Bomb