We are often asked by the newly gluten-free for ideas and resources to turn to, so we decided to list products and references we know and love to get your started. Let us know if there is something you think we ought to add.

Gluten Free Portland is a lovely blog run by Dave and Sienna and they provide product and restaurant reviews, dinner ideas and a forum for feedback.

Gluten Free PDX is a newer blog whose focus is to be a resource for the Portland community, share places to find Gluten-Free food options, and provide a place to learn about health issues, diagnoses, community events, etc.

Not Even a Crumb chronicles Deb and her daughter Amy’ s efforts to raise awareness for Celiac Disease. Deb and Amy ALSO happen to be huge fans of our cupcakes!

Gluten Free Girl Shauna, the GlutenFree Girl, writes this heartfelt blog that is one part daily family life and love, and one part seasonal eating, complete with recipes. Also, either of her books are fabulous reads and must-haves! Get them here. We love BRM flours and use a wide variety of these products, manufactured in a dedicated gluten-free facility. Bonus points because Bob’ s Red Mill is a local Portland company and we LOVE keeping it local.

Celiac Teen Records the story of Lauren, a brave teenage baker who just happens to have Celiac Disease.

Gluten Free Appetite has wonderful information about news bites relevant to the gluten free world. Check out the blog, restaurant reviews (nationwide) and recipe guide!

Gluten Free Online Radio is proud to offer the next level in media for fellow Celiacs and those that follow a gluten free diet. Listeners can hear the latest news and information on Celiac disease, along with interviews with well known doctors, authors, company execs, athletes and other internationally known GF experts 24×7!

Gluten Free Foodie A resource for people who love all things food-related and must live the gluten-free lifestyle.

The Tender Foodie a blog and newsletter for gluten-free AND allergen-free living.